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Carly’s Secret Thoughts

Being misunderstood is an occasional affair for most of us. When we are attacked by erroneous accusations, some of us take it passively by brushing them aside, while others lash out aggressively in attempts to salvage their damaged reputations. What about autistic children who are robbed of the ability to express their emotions well? They are often looked upon as mentally incompetent and of little worth to society. You would probably think it is impossible for them to step forward and address these insensitive remarks. Well, so did I until I chanced upon a video on Carly Fleischmann and was awed by her secret thoughts..



The discovery of Carly Fleischmann’s intriguing ability has indeed ignited a spark of hope in many autistic children. Her relentless spirit in face of much discrimination and negativity is something in which we should emulate.

So the next time you find yourself stuck in an unfortunate misunderstanding, garner enough courage, stand firm and let your hidden voice be heard!

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